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Powerchock System 1

The Power Chock™ System 1 is the basic model of the Power Chock™ family of products and can be installed as an add-on to existing RIG bar restraints.  This model offers flexibility to the customer who requires certain docks to accommodate vehicles with damaged or missing RIG bars, or trucks with lift gates.

System components

The Power Chock™ System 1 is composed of a large steel chock mounted on the end of an articulated, counterbalanced arm. The chock is placed in front of the vehicle’s rear wheel and locks onto a grade-level ground plate. Optional interior amber light which indicates the chock is well set.

Product Highlights

  • Unsurpassed Restraint– simple physics: the truck’s weight pushes chock teeth into robust ground plate grid.
  • Easy to Set – Chock handle is ergonomically positioned on the spring-loaded counterbalanced arm and can chock wheels as far out as 14 feet from the loading dock.
  • Solid Components – Chock is made from high-tensile steel, 4 times harder than conventional steel. Ground plate comprised of series of robust grids to clamp chock.
  • Superior Steel Protection – Ground plate and arm are hot-dipped galvanized at over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Chock has double protection: zinc-plated and painted with Epoxy Mastic.
  • Designed for Winter – Chock is designed to break through ice and snow using the weight of the truck. Snow removal is easy with optional All-Direction Ground Plate, equipped with angled steel ramps on all sides. Steel deflector tabs extend below surface level to deflect edges of plows over steel ramps. Canadian winter tested!
  • Quality Engineering Reduces Total Cost of Ownership


The Power Chock™ vehicle restraint is guaranteed to be exempt from defects in fabrication and components if used properly and as intended, for a period of one (1) year following delivery date, and includes a three (3) year limited warranty on the Power Chock™ assembly.

Key advantages

High level of safety. Simple, reliable operations.
Universal compatibility. Fits 100% of vehicles. Not dependant on RIG bar.
Excellent value. Excellent value.
Greater restraining force. Restrains the wheel instead of the RIG bar.
User friendly. Quickly and easily set by driver in less than 30 seconds.
Not affected by extreme weather conditions. First conceived and marketed in Canada to endure extreme winter conditions.
Maximizes productivity. Ingeniously designed to minimize maintenance costs and downtime.
Environmentally friendly. Does not use toxic fluids; consumes minimal energy
Low Maintenance Virtually maintenance free: no moving with chock griping on grid plate, no lubrication. Limited to visual inspection 2 minutes per system. Average expense with replacement parts: Year 1: $0 Projection over 5 years : $140.00
Offers flexibility to current RIG bar restraint users.
POWERCHOCK 5 - Interface with leveler - Wheel restraint system
POWERCHOCK - Easy to set - Wheel restraint system
POWERCHOCK - Designed for winter - Wheel restraint
POWERCHOCK- Removing chock - Wheel restraint system
POWERCHOCK - Installing chock - Wheel restraint system
POWERCHOCK - Greater restraining force - Wheel restraint system
POWERCHOCK - Snow Removal - Wheel restraint system

Choose Safety. Choose GMR Safety

We purchased the PowerChockTM System for the safety level it provided. We have installed this equipment in various facilities over the last 12 years. In our opinion, it is the best system on the market.

Serge Guy, Director


With the Power Chock System, we purchased value. From a maintenance stand point, there is virtually nothing that can go wrong with these units and they provide the safety we were looking for. The average cost per unit has been less than $50 a year. We have been very pleased with the great support  of the GMR team.

Mike Lecroy, Maintenance Manager

Universal compatibility

I wanted a restraint that didn’t depend on RIG bars,which are sometimes rusted out or torn off. The PowerChockTM System goes along with what drivers have been taught to do, which is to set a chock when they back intothe dock. This system gives us peace of mind.

Matthew Bourlakas, COO
Second Harvest Food Bank

Reduce Repair Cost

Since we installed loading dock door barriers, our dock doors have not been struck. As a result our maintenance and repair budget has been significantly reduced.

Denis Vallée, Director of Maintenance
Olymel L.P

Easy to use

For our shunt drivers, it takes less than 30 seconds to set or remove the PowerChock. There has been no financial impact or extra cost with the use of the PowerChock systems.

Mr. Alex Tarini, Director of Distribution
Metro Grocers

Simplicity of design

The Power ChockTM System has proved to be indispensable in our working environment. Our drivers love it because it’s so easy to use. It provides the level of security that we needed at Molson and we are extremely satisfied after having tried several different technologies.

Alex Zarate, Packaging Manager
Molson Canada

Total Cost Ownership

We wanted a system that would work with all types of vehicles. We tested many types of restraints; the simplicity of the Power ChockTM System and its total cost of ownership was what sold it for me.

Martin St-Pierre, Vice-President Logistic
Lumen Sonepar
GMR Safety is a world leader in the design and manufacture of wheel restrain systems. Our commitment: contribute to our customer's and partner's success by providing innovative, durable solutions to secure loading areas.

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