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Truck and vehicle restraint systems for loading docks


Maximum Restraint with GMR’s PowerChock Truck restraint

GMR Safety develops and manufactures specialized solutions – truck restraint systems designed to increase safety and efficiency at the loading docks.

PowerChock truck restraint system has an innovative design - focused on ease of use; it is a premium choice in vehicle restraint throughout North America.

Simple, Safe, Intuitive and Engineered to last.

Why choose PowerChock as your vehicle restraint systems?

GMR’s PowerChock vehicle restraint system provides a higher level of safety because it restraints by the wheel. It has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market.

GMR’s solutions are based on simplicity and common sense. PowerChock truck restraint system reduces the risks of costly accidents at loading docks such as trailers sliding, early departures, trailer creep, near misses, lift truck accidents and unexpected equipment and cargo losses at loading docks.


- Secures 100% of vehicles by the wheel (including trailers with lift gates)
- Robust, great restraining force
- Low initial cost, low maintenance
- Effective Communication with alarm
- Effective in winter
- Extended Warranty


Bombardier Metro Pepsi Sysco Agropur Tim Hortons Molson Coors

GMR Safety has a wide range of clients who trust our truck vehicle restraint system: Agropur, Maple Leaf, Metro, Olymel, Sysco, Tim Hortons etc.

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PORTABLE – Easy to set – Wheel restraint system
PORTABLE – Restraining force – Wheel restraint system
Inspection – Exterior – POWERCHOCK – 60 seconds
PORTABLE – Safety sequence – Wheel restraint system
POWERCHOCK 5 – Safety sequence – Wheel restraint system

Simplicity of design

“With the Power Chock System, we purchased value. From a maintenance standpoint, there is virtually nothing that can go wrong with these units and they provide the safety we were looking for. The average cost for replacement parts has been less than $25 a year per unit.”

Mr. Mike Lecroy,, Maintenance Manager
Covidien Illinois, Powerchock user since 2008, 120 units installed.

“We wanted a system that would work with all types of vehicles.”

Leo Parent,

Welcome to GMR Safety

We make it simple to be safe

GMR Safety is your first stop for innovative dock safety products! GMR Safety develops, manufactures, and markets the POWER CHOCK vehicle restraint device and CLEAR TO GO safety barriers, Door-Saver, and Walking Zone products.

Early departure and trailer creep

An unsecured or poorly secured trailer is always at risk of early departure or trailer creep, which can lead to loading dock accidents. These dangerous conditions can also result in damage to expensive equipment and valuable cargo. Effective truck restraint is key to preventing loading dock accidents and fatalities!

Dock door damage and dock drop-offs

Forklifts can damage your loading dock doors when no safety barrier protects closed doors. And forklifts can fall off loading docks when doors are open. In addition, when the doors are open there is the potential hazard of forklifts falling off the loading dock, which can result in a serious dock accident.

Pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety is not an issue to be overlooked. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), close to 20 percent of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian being struck by the forklift, translating to almost 19,000 people per year.

Industry Solutions

Patented solutions for these dock safety problems:

  1. The POWER CHOCK™ System is a superior wheel lock and vehicle restraint system that handles early departure and trailer creep hazards. Wheel restraints are much more effective for keeping a truck restrained at the dock than the standard rubber trailer chock.
  2. The CLEAR TO GO BARRIER reduces the potential for loading dock door damage and helps prevent dock drop-offs.
  3. The CLEAR TO GO™ Walking Zone is a magnetic based safety barrier, quickly repositioned when hit, safely delimits pedestrian zones and working stations. Its mobility gives users an additional safety feature: no risk of getting stuck between the barrier and a forklift.
  4. The CLEAR TO GO™ Door-Saver is a unique traffic system to control vehicle circulation indoors as well as out. It’s an excellent protection tool for industrial garage doors. The simple design works by rapidly positioning a high visibility stop signal in the driver’s field of view, giving the driver more time to react before the door closes. This sequence greatly reduces the risk of vehicles striking upward-acting doors.

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