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What our customers are saying

Sean Gaffaney -  V.P. Operations Freshpoint Central California

The POWERCHOCK™ equipment has been operating very consistently with virtually no issues since installation five years ago. We find the system to be very reliable as well as functional for our facility.

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Customer Testimonails
Jean Pierre Brebis -  Real Estate Management transport division XPO Logistics

I confirm the interest of the product, its ingenuity and above all its effectiveness. When it comes to blocking, therefore safety for our employees, equipment and customers, this solution is perfectly in line with all these requirements. We will continue to develop this process.

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Christelle Caillat -  National Purchaser Kuehne Nagel

GMR has been able to meet our requirements thanks to its active listening to our various users. Thanks to an exhaustive analysis, they understood the general constraints of logistics but also the problems in the field, by being present on our sites. After analysing and understanding these different data, the sales team was proactive and their technical team was able to respond very quickly to our specifications and adapt their products.
We are sensitive to the interest that this dynamic team has in our business and in people.

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Dominique Lievre -  Director of Equipment and Infrastructures France

We have selected POWERCHOCmc systems for partial national deployment in 2017. Two years later, no system was broken. We plan to continue our collaboration with GMR SAFETY.

David Power -  Fleet & Facility Manager | Sysco Edmonton

“We are very pleased with your product. It has been roughly 3 years now since we installed the POWERCHOCK™ and it has been a very useful tool in preventing drivers from pulling away the door without the ramp being lifted or even worse, the loader still inside the truck. The green/red light communication from the person inside to the driver outside works flawlessly. Drivers are notified sooner that the door is free and they can pull away safely.
From a maintenance perspective we have very little problems with the product that we couldn’t fix quickly and efficiently.
Great product overall.”

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Charbonnier Yannick -  Site Manager - Châteauroux Warehouse | Barilla France SAS

We installed the POWERCHOCK 5 system more than 5 years ago.
To date, we have had only two minor issues, which were quickly resolved.
During the installation we also tested the robustness and efficiency of the system by making attempts to depart the trucks with the system in place: They all withstood the test.
We are very satisfied with it.

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Stephen Rose -  Director of Operations | COORS DISTRIBUTING COMPANY

We’ve had the system for years. No issues and it allows for us to utilize the docks with our lift gate trailers.

Company Testimonails
Eric Faveron -  Site maintenance manager Cdiscount

My main customer satisfaction is that after the installation, the truck drivers and the Cdiscount employees use this safety chock without problems and understood the safety benefits.

My other satisfaction is that the company GMR SAFETY has adapted the system to the Cdiscount constraints. The Trust between GMR safety and Cdiscount allowed to developed a showroom of the POWERCHOCKmc brand at the REAU warehouse.

Cdiscount has installed over more than a hundred system POWERCHOCKmc by GMR SAFETY during the last three years.

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Our solutions

Securing vehicles

Wheel restraint systems to provide protection during loading dock operations

Powerchock 3

POWERCHOCK™ 3 is a simple, manual wheel restraint system for securing vehicles at loading docks.

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Powerchock 5

POWERCHOCK™ 5 is a wheel restraint system for securing vehicles, equipped with an ergonomic arm to position the chock.

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Reliable and robust solutions

GMR Safety is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of loading area safety systems. Since 1996, we have been committed to the success of our customers and partners. We continue to provide innovative, simple and reliable solutions with the same fundamental principle at heart: designed to last.

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